Aims and Scope

Main issues  which can be reviewed:

1. Issues related to teaching and learning: teaching methods, teaching-learning patterns, effective factors in the teaching- learning process,  the role of motivational factors in teaching and learning, the issues in cognition, metacognition and cognitive methods in all levels of education.

2. Issues related to the field of teaching and learning of special people (disabled, mentally retarded, behavioral and learning problems, elderly, gifted, etc.) and used to improve their teaching and learning process.

3. Issues related to educational and school counseling.

4. Issues that criticize and evaluate educational and psychological schools.

 5. Studies dealing with critical thinking and creative thinking in education and learning.

6. Studies done on the principles of Islamic education.

7. Scientific and research papers conducted in the field of virtual learning and e-learning.

8 . Articles related to "lesson research (action research, research activity and narrative studies)".

9.  Issues such as education and learning in the both theoretical and practical areas in the fields of humanities and basic sciences , effective in improving the status of education and learning either at individual or group level.