Peer Review Process

Submission of the article is done exclusively through the electronic journal system at: Authors must first sign up in the system, and then the username and password will be sent to their email. If you forget your password, it is possible to reset the password and send it to your email address.


Submission process:

 1. Login with the username and password 

2. Enter "submit manuscript " menu

3.  Enter "Submit a New Manuscript"  menu

4. Entering Manuscript Information:

- Select Manuscript Type

- Enter Manuscript Title

- Add/Remove Authors

- Enter Abstract

- Enter Keywords

- Additional Comments

- Suggested Reviewers

- Attach Files

- Cover Letter & Checklist

- Finish Submission

After the article is submitted, the confirmation of receipt of the article will be sent to the author.

 * If your article is reviewed and needs to be revision:

- After revision the article, enter "Submissions Needing Revision " menu.

- It is necessary to delete the previous file in the system and upload the new file.