Publication Ethics


The process of reviewing articles:

1. The papers received will first be reviewed by the editorial board and, if appropriate, will be forwarded to the three reviewers for assessment. To maintain neutrality, the authors' names are removed from the article.

2. The original form of the rejected or revoked articles will be removed from the journal archive after six months, and the journal will not be held liable for it.

3. The journal is free to reject or accept, edit, print, or modify accepted articles, and isnot liable for the return of received articles.


 Ethical considerations of the authors:

1. The author responsible for the correspondence is also scientifically and legally responsible for the accuracy of the article and the opinions provided.  The publication of the article does not constitute verification of all its contents.

2. The article or part of it should not be reviewed or published in other journals (inside or outside the country) or sent to other journals at the same time. Papers presented or published in summary form at congresses, symposiums, internal and external seminars can be presented in full paper.

3. Articles from students’ theses and dissertations are published by the name of the supervisor, advisers and students together. The supervisor’s approval is needed.


  How to submit the article?

Submission of the article is done exclusively through the electronic journal system at: Authors must first sign up in the system, and then the username and password will be sent to their email. If you forget your password, it is possible to reset the password and send it to your email address.


 Copyright Terms:

Free and unrestricted downloading of articles in this Quarterly is available to all researchers. Any duplication and use of the contents of this Quarterly is subject to the full specification of the article (including the title of the article, the name of the author / authors, the name of the quarterly journal, the volume and number). There is a possibility to create a link to the Quarterly and a "full text" of the articles.